Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Closer Connections #savmp

Being a connected educator has greatly enhanced my personal and professional life. The constant learning from others all across the globe has brought me to a place not available to previous generations. With Twitter and Voxer there's a team of Principals I can access anytime throughout the day, it's absolutely amazing.

Lately I've been thinking about those closer connections that have not been developed in my life. Of course it's great knowing educators that are brilliant and hard working in other states, but how about the ones just within my county who I don't know. What did Principals twenty-five years ago do to develop relationships and collaborate? Drive in their car to a meeting? Write letters back and forth? Pick up the phone and call?

Every Principal in the county is listed in my directory....name, school and phone number. I wish it also listed what specific skills they had to offer other admins so we could develop closer connections and learn together. I'd pick up the phone to call someone and learn even if they weren't on Twitter.

Same goes for professional development with your teachers. I've seen so many Principals bring in outside trainers that cost lots of money and turn out to be mediocre. They don't know the culture, haven't developed relationships, are only there for one day and many times don't know how to develop those closer connections.

How can we/you develop closer connections at your school/district/county? Within my school I know what each of my teachers has to offer the rest of our staff. Who's the go-to person that can connect us all within the county? I want to know so we can learn together!

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