Friday, December 6, 2013

This Week from #wiredprincipals

Quick story ---

We have a substitute para educator in our Learning Center and last week she was telling our RSP that her iPhone was out on the table because she was expecting a phone call from the doctor.

- Our RSP tells her...."The entire staff at John Swett Elementary has their phones out all day, it's totally ok."
- Sub para....."Really, does the Principal care?"
- RSP....."Not at all, we all Tweet, use Evernote, ClassDojo, Google Drive and tons of other digital resources, it's just how we are at John Swett!!!!!"

As Renee (our RSP) is saying this, I walk by the classroom (she tells me this later) with of course, my iPhone in my hand (I was probably Tweeting) and she says.....

- RSP....."That's our Principal right there, he's probably Tweeting something he saw in a classroom!"
- Sub para......"That's your Principal, what's his name?"
- RSP......"Adam"
- Sub para......"Adam?"
- RSP......"Adam Welcome, but he wants everyone to call him Adam, it's how we are at JSE!"
- Principal....."I say this is success and just how we are at John Swett!"

#wiredprincipal + #wiredteachers = #wiredschool

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  1. I love how you lead the learning Adam! Thanks for chronicling it so that others might follow!