Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ALL Principals + Teachers Should Read - 'Wonder'

'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio is a MUST read for ALL Teachers, Principals, District Office Admins and anyone who works with kids. Two of my 5th grade teachers @mrsrochejse and @ckolb01 from @jseroadrunners introduced the book to me and we ordered 60 copies for our students to read (this is happening starting January).

I read the book while in Lake Tahoe this week and have SO many thoughts about all those students who don't feel supported/accepted by other kids or adults in school. There are of course students on my radar that we're working with in different capacities, but how about those we don't know about for whatever reason?

Some takeaways.....

- we need to connect with EVERY student in our school on a personal level, everyone has a story and needs some type of support, some more than others.
- kids cannot learn/grow if they don't feel comfortable/confident, school work can sometimes take a backseat to social/emotional health and confidence building.
- we ALL need to be members of Team Kid #teamkid
- Growing up in my dads 2nd grade classroom from the time I could walk, there was always a poster on his door, "Only Kind Words Allowed!" Take this mantra and spread!

What else, any other takeaways from people who have read 'Wonder?'

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