Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My new district has GAFE (Google Apps for Education)....thankfully, and during a meeting with our 5th grade teachers a couple of weeks ago I brought up the idea of ePortfolios with Google Sites. This of course is not a new idea, but something that hasn't been done at my new school.

 I was coming from the angle of, 'you can have Open House all year long when each student has their own ePortfolio' (Google Site) and a few hours later I got an email from them expressing their excitement of this idea.

All of our 4th-5th grade teachers in my previous position had their students create/update/promote their ePortfolio and the response from parents was amazing. Going through some resources I found this excellent resource for creating ePortfolios and supporting teachers/students in the development.

Again, Google Sites is not the only platform to create an ePortfolio, but in my opinion the easiest and most straightforward, especially if you have GAFE in your district.

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