Saturday, September 3, 2011

Search - A Skill Our Students Need Work On

Search is a HUGE business/industry/skill that has taken hold in our 21st century lives. Companies have entire departments based around SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it's also a Skill Our Students Need Work a big way.

I was visiting one of my fifth grade classes yesterday, and students were working on U.S. Geography, using Google and another website to find answers based on a Geography Search the teacher had created. After spending ten minutes in class, and also searching on my iPad 2 for the answers, the students were having great difficulty finding answers. After looking at their search queries, I quickly realized they needed instruction on search techniques/skills.

With that being said, here comes AGoogleADay....... this is a great daily activity for students/staff to work on their search skill. I'll be posting some Google Search Tricks very soon also!

Happy Searching

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