Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guest Blogger - Elizabeth Calhoon

Telling the Story and Finding the Voice

I’ve been presenting a lot lately on helping our students find their voice. At the recent 2nd annual Rock Star Teacher Summer Tech Camp, I presented the “Multimedia Poetry Slam” and this has started some mini-movements that are fascinating to watch. Woman Extraordinaire, Carol Anne McGuire (her Rock Our World Movement is inspirational - click on Founder for more information about Carol Anne) has shared that students are writing poetry slams at her school, New Village Leadership Academy in Calabases, CA, and in just watching the folks who were gracious enough to join my session and create their own poems, I watched how clearly we all need to have a voice - especially those of us who try to teach students how to have a voice.

I started watching more Taylor Mali (@TaylorMali) - probably the biggest English-y, EdTech-y Geek Crush I’ve ever had. You’re probably most familiar with his “What Teachers Make” poem:

But I’d encourage you to look at all of his performances. It invigorates the teacher’s soul.

My Principal also shared the following video with me, Sarah Kay’s “If I Should Have a Daughter”:

And then, I watched Angela Maiers’ TEDx Talk “You Matter”:

It is growing clear to me that my purpose in life is to empower others - help them find their voices and tell their stories and in turn, have each of us foster and care for our emotional intelligences and empathetic abilities.

So then, my question to you and challenge to you is this: What is your story? Where is your voice? and How will you make the world just a little more connected and better today?

I’m going to jump on Blogger and Twitter - that’s how I’ll start...

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