Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Need of a Digital Upgrade - I Couldn't Agree More

There was an article in the NY Times, under their Opinionator section that talks about the need to redesign American Education, and....I Couldn't Agree More!

Virginia Hefferman writes that 'Education Need a Digital-Age Upgrade' in so many different aspects. Of course there is the S.T.E.M initiatives across the country, but I would like to start with the aspects of our Educational System that we should get rid of.

- cursive hand writing
- paper and pencils
- printed out homework packets
- paper fliers
- My list could go longer.....any suggestions?

Now, for the proactive/positive upgrades.

- teaching our students software programming and different programming languages
- how to create digital infographs, not paper based projects
- Ideas, suggestions?

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