Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google Faculty Institute - Something I REALLY Like

There was a great article on the Mind/Shift blog, which you can read here. Google has created a Google Faculty Institute and they've teemed up with the CSU system, to learn about Teacher Training and see what is working and what they can offer. You can read the entire article, but here is what they came up with.

  • The Math of Khan: Documenting, testing and disseminating the process by which a teacher can flip their classroom using Khan Academy videos.
  • Making Teachers ‘Appy’: Encouraging a “maker” philosophy with pre-service educators (teachers-in-training) by teaching introduction to programming in an educational technology course.
  • Birds-Eye Detective: Teaching pre-server educators how to use Google Earth, Maps and fusion tables in the context of project-based K-12 instruction.
  • Team-Teaching Classroom Innovation: Identifying a large number of pre-service teacher pairs to develop technology-rich science and math modules, test those modules in their classrooms and share with each other.
  • Transforming STEM Educators: Delivering short workshops on how to use technology to do formative assessment, while saving faculty significant time.
  • Examining Climate Change: An integrative math/science/technology approach to learning about climate change by developing a module for a methods course showing the power of technology in the context on relevant issues and to address misconceptions.

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