Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What I Appreciate About Teachers #teamkid

My dad taught 2nd and 3rd grade for thirty-eight years so I've been around teachers a long time. Teachers are amazing people, with such a variety of characteristics among them, but with a few core traits that make them awesome for kids!

Energy, excitement, caring, patience, fun, #eduawesome, collaborative and doing what's best for kids!

Thank you John Swett teachers for all you do, Team Kid!

They dress up on the 100th day of school, for fun!

 They break out the cowboy boots for spirit days!

 They come to our school auction to have fun and support the school!

 They take seflies with their class and then send to the parents through Remind!

 They wear pink to support staff members!

 They take selfies with me!

 They dress up on Halloween and come to our carnival on a Saturday!

 They sneak into my office and take seflies in my Candlestick seats!

They make custom #teamkid t-shirts to wear!

 Selfies with the Roadrunner!

They get together and collaborate for kids!

They come back to visit their old students, my pre-school teacher came to say hello!

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