Friday, May 29, 2015

Much More Than Just a Fun Run #teamkid #naesp15 #savmp

Each year our school in partnership with PTA holds a Fun Run. It's been called different names over the years (Jog-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Run-a-thon) and all money raised goes to our PE program to buy equipment! 

The last couple of years I did a few laps with each grade level to get the kids pumped up. About a month ago I decided I was going to really run this year, like all day with every grade level. So yesterday I started running with our Kindergarten classes at 830am and finished at 1135am with our 5th graders! I ran 136 laps during our Fun Run, that's 17 miles of running.

Our Fun Run yesterday was much more than just a chance for kids to run. 

- We built community and school culture!
- Parents came out to volunteer, passing out water and marking off laps for kids!
- Teachers walked/ran laps for fun with the kids and also to get steps on their own Fit Bit competitions!
- We had many kids who ran three miles, in just thirty minutes!
- I saw kids running who don't usually run, which totally motivated me!
- When kids asked me how many laps I had run, they were completely blown away. 'Anything is possible' I told them, just make it happen!
- Some teachers asked me how I ran so long - 'It's mostly mental' - Yes you need to be in physical shape, but you must tell your brain that it's possible as well. This translates to so many things in life, for teachers and students.
- We raised money for @jsepeguy and our PE program at school!
- Hopefully we instilled in our kids that lifelong exercise is important, and that it's much more fun to run with friends!

I fully realize that not all Principals are runners, or can even run for three hours straight. What I do know is, that ALL Principals should be leading from the front, and not just on the playground during a Fun Run. 

Be the voice of your school - Be the vision for your school - Treat people how you want others to treat people - Be the biggest cheerleader and the biggest critic, so everyone continues to grow - Don't expect actions from your people that you wouldn't do yourself - Work Hard and Be Nice To People!

Thanks to @JenaDior for organizing our Fun Run this year, such a huge sucess!

 Kindergarten getting ready to run!

 Teachers ran also, way to go @NikDonnellyJSE

You may remember Hannah, she was my Principal of the Day this year, go go go!

Way to go @BriscoeJSE students LOVED having their teachers run laps as well!

 We LOVED having parents come and watch, help out, and also run some laps. This mom brought her baby in the jogger, what's up!!!!!!

 1st grader Roman ran over one mile!

 @NishaHanink Ran with all three of her JSE children, way to participate!

 Sydney had all the gear on for the run, great energy!

@711wah Was an awesome volunteer yesterday, thanks for marking off laps as kids ran!

 All money raised yesterday goes to @jsepeguy and our PE program. Zach ran three miles with his 3rd grade daughter and three miles with his 5th grade son, way to represent!

 You may remember Luke also as my Principal of the Day last year, he ran 34 laps which is over FOUR miles! Luke is also Principal of the Day today, follow our @jseroadrunners feed for lots of updates and matching outfits!

 Part of our 3rd grade team getting some laps in, woot woot!
@Steph_Battles - @MsKyWilliams - @MStephensonJSE

3rd grade selfie after they were done, great energy!

 Way to go Gracie, all smiles even while running!

 Even our Office Manager JoAnn came out for some laps, she's rocking her Fit Bit competition!

Our final selfie of the day with 5th graders!

Run on!

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