Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh yes, they can write! #teamkid #savmp #naesp15 #tcrwp

Believe it or not, I've heard people over the years say that Kindergarten students can't write.

- They're not developmentally ready
- We should probably only have them copy our writing off the board
- Have them just do a mad lib writing activity where they fill in the blanks
- What could they possibly write about

Let me show you!

Yesterday morning I spent some time in our two morning Kindergarten classes with the amazing @NikDonnellyJSE and @MsFischerJSE during Writers Workshop and I'm still smiling! The kids are working on their 'How To' pieces right now and it's so rejuvenating to see these young writers and their creativity.

- They're collaborative with each other and talk about their ideas!
- They're creative and funny with their topics! 
(How to survive a fire drill - How to brush your teeth - How to fend off a bear - How to do a jumping jack)
- They don't always sit at their table groups, they know how to spread out in the room and get comfortable.
- They seek out their teachers to conference and ask for help.
- They LOVE sharing their writing with me when I come in, and I LOVE hearing about their work!
- They're excitement to write and tell their story is second to none!
- They write about what happens at school, their life, sports, gymnastics and with their siblings.
- Parents are constantly telling me that their Kindergarten child writes at home, this is powerful.
- We do 'buddy blogging' with our 5th grade classes where the two kids talk about their story and the 5th graders type it out into their blog, how cool is that!

Please do not take away their voice, Kindergarten students can write, they have ideas, are creative and want to share!

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