Monday, March 16, 2015

Student Voice #savmp #teamkid #YourEdustory #30SecondTake

Empowering student voice in schools!

Just last week I taught a 2nd grade class all day because we were short substitutes. Of course I deviated a bit from the lesson plans and played around with Adobe Voice! Our Student of the Month theme for March at John Swett is Friendship, check out this awesome narrative by Mrs. Lastrico's 2nd grade class - listen here! A great way to utilize student voice!

I was also lucky enough to have been invited by Brad Gustafson for the #30SecondTake March Madness #eduallstar version. Our clip from John Swett is below, highlighting student Social Media voice! The entire #30SecondTake Round One can be seen here!

Interns learning the Twitter ropes in my office!

REALLY empowering student voice, our interns speaking at our local Rotary chapter meeting!

Newest set of interns getting some hands-on learning experience, kids pick it up fast and they really enjoy!

In classes taking photos and crafting Tweets!

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