Thursday, March 12, 2015

Student Voice - Most Powerful Voice Of All #savmp #teamkid

Our John Swett Social Media Interns and myself had the opportunity to speak with our local Rotary Club yesterday! Rotary reached out to me about our use of Social Media at John Swett and we jumped at the chance to spread the word.

It's more fun and powerful to hear from students, so bringing Sully and Callie along was an easy decision. They both had so many great nuggets to share with Rotary about their hands-on approach to Tweeting at school under my direction. 

We give them an iPad and they go around campus to take photos. We then sit together and craft Tweets, talking about hashtags, acceptable messages to share with our community, privacy and much more. We could give them a handout to read, a movie to watch or just 'tell' them......we feel a hands-on approach within Social Media is best!

Sully, Callie and myself hanging at Rotary!

So proud of our interns, they did amazing!

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