Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Power of Mobile to Mobile Communication - With Remind! #savmp #remindlove

This is year three of using Remind at John Swett Elementary and the evidence of Mobile to Mobile communication between the school and our parent community is so powerful!

Just yesterday I was sending out a Google Form sign-up sheet for our after school science workshop! The only way I send out the Google Form is through Remind because I know parents utilize their mobile phone throughout the day and our workshop is on a first to sign-up basis.

I sent the Remind message at 1:24pm yesterday afternoon. All Google Form submissions get dumped to a Google Spreadsheet with a timestamp, and in just over ten minutes we had nine parents sign-up. Proof is in the data, parents respond when you reach them on their mobile phones.

- I use goo.gl to shorten the long Google Form url, parents can click the link directly from the Remind message and fill out the form on their phones!

- With the announcement of Chat, I'm REALLY excited for parents to ask any clarifying questions to a message directly through the app.

-  Mobile to mobile communication is key, reach parents where they are with Remind!

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