Monday, March 23, 2015

Power of An Edu-Smile? #savmp #teamkid

Recently I bought a Roadrunner mascot costume for our school which my Office Manager and I have been talking about for a couple of years now. It started with me looking through an Anderson's catalog that was in the 'pile' of mail that I usually don't even go through. It made us both laugh and I kept the original catalog for awhile but then never did anything with it.

The idea was rekindled from my time as an Assistant Principal when I wore the Clifford costume during our school book fair five years ago. Our librarian hooked me into it and I can still vividly remember the energy on campus after I ran around into classrooms and 'hung-out' in costume during the fair.

Last Friday morning still has me thinking, what is the power of an edu-smile? I wore our new Roadrunner costume during drop-off and my community is still talking about it, and smiling! What do you do as a leader that gets the people around you smiling?! What's the power in a smile at school? School culture and spirit are paramount for me, the things you do as a leader to build school culture have by far the most impact at your school site.

Please share you edu-smile ideas!

Pink wigs to support a teacher!

Parents Tweeting their sons Student of the Month success!

Wearing the Roadrunner costume during morning drop-off!

Kindergarten student writing about the Roadrunner costume!

Girl Scouts from school writing Code on the weekend!

Principal of the Day dressing up like me!


 Students working outside collaboratively on laptops!

 Kids dressing up on the 100th day of school!

Ugly sweater day on campus!

 Backstage selfie at the Talent Show!

 1st graders writing about Friendship!

 Whole school panoramic photos, love being all together!

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