Monday, July 25, 2016

Some Administrators You Should Follow Now!

Below are some administrators that I recommend you follow and connect with! Some I know personally and others only through social media. All of them deeply care about kids and doing what's best for them - thanks for all you do in education!

Charissa Cole @charissacole is an Elementary Principal in Alabama with tons of energy! You can read her blog here, and also connect with her on Voxer!

Tiawana Giles @TiawanaG is an Administrator in Virginia, she blogs here and is a leader who is student centered and someone I for sure want to connect with even more!

Jonathan Eagan @coacheagan is an Assistant Superintendent in my new district and has an amazing level of enthusiasm and as long as I've known him, ALWAYS makes decisions that are best for kids!

Darryl Adams @DrAdamsCVUSD is an awesome Superintendent that has been doing some amazing work in his district for a number of years! Check him out and see their Wi-Fi on school bus program, totally awesome!

Derek Reinhardt @ReinhardtDerek is a newer member to my PLN and right away I could tell he was someone great to connect with. Connect with Derek on Twitter and Voxer, he's motivated to do what's  best for kids!

Petra Luhrsen @pluhrsen will be starting her first year as an Elementary Principal after having served as an Assistant Principal. Petra is someone who I connect with often and has TONS of energy, puts kids first and is just an overall great person!

Rachael George @runnin26 is another newer member to my PLN and someone I can tell has lots of passion and energy in her work. You can read her blog here, and if you're in Oregon connect with her in person!

Emily Clare @EClare_AHS is a High School Principal in Pennsylvania and someone who I've connected with a lot on Voxer lately in multiple different groups. You can read her blog here, and Emily is also doing work with Re Think High School and I'm sure has some great resources!

Suleyma Moss @4mosss is starting her first year of Administration as an Assistant Principal and I'm expecting big things from her in the future. I actually met Suleyma when Todd and I were the keynote for a STEM conference and she won a poster that we gave away during a Twitter challenge. Connect with Suleyma, she totally cares about kids and has tons of passion!

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