Sunday, June 19, 2016

Can We Please Get In Sync #KidsDeserveIt

I think we need an Education Drill Team - let me explain.

The more I read, the more I watch, the more I hear from other educators around the country and world - the more I realize we're all kind of on different pages. We may be reading the same book, or even the same series, but we're really not in sync as an education community.

Some districts focus on these initiatives, some focus on others - some have 1:1 in their schools, some technology/innovation isn't even talked about - some have implemented amazing strategies/programs for writing and reading, some haven't at all.

Can we please get in sync! Maybe forming an Education Drill Team would help?

Look at those guys - 

- they're on the same page
- they trust each other
- understand where each other is going next
- they're focused - like super focused
- they have a mission
- they're in sync
- they have a vision
- they practice together endlessly
- they're constantly tweaking and refining and sharpening and communicating and doing what's best for their team

Maybe just the mindset of a drill team would help the educational community - to do what's best for ALL our kids, no matter where they live or what school they attend. 

The gif above is 'game time' for the silent drill team. They've practiced together endlessly and their mission has been drilled into their psyche so there's no confusion on what they need to do. There's no politics getting in the way - budgets that they don't have - training that hasn't been completed - materials that couldn't be purchased - they're ready to go!

We need an Education Drill Team!

A group that studies what's relevant in our world, practices and practices and practices so we can get in sync like the team above, analyzes what's really beneficial for kids - not what you did in school twenty years ago - but what's really beneficial for kids, asks the right questions without worrying about getting the alien look for their idea.

A team like this needs trust which has to be built over time, to 100% make the right decisions which will positively impact kids, schools and districts.

I really hope we can get in sync, so ALL kids can experience what's best for them!

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