Saturday, January 30, 2016

I Sometimes Feel Alone - It Makes Me Sad #savmp

Not everyone will understand how I feel, it's not that typical type of alone feeling. It only really comes about when I'm in large groups, and with people who I know in real life. Don't get me wrong, the people are smart, passionate, energetic, caring and great to be around. We have good conversations about kids, curriculum, leadership ideas and much more. That alone feeling comes when I know many of them aren't 'connected' - they're missing an entire conversation that's happening behind the scenes. We're missing out on conversation together, it could be much deeper. It's so hard to have deep conversations with people you only see or talk with once a month.

I'm in a room full of people but I feel alone -

Where does this feeling come from? I feel more connected to other educators who are hundreds or thousands of miles away. It's because I actually talk or interact with those other educators more! My daily Voxer conversations with Principals keeps us updated on each others lives. We know what their wins are and also what they're struggling with. Those details about their daily Principal life is important. 

Sometimes it feels like I know little secrets because I've already read about the articles/ideas being discussed. Or already talked about the articles/ideas with others on social media. Or maybe I've even connected with the author or speaker we're talking about on social media - that's actually most often the case. I want to speak up and tell others about my interactions, but I sometimes get that 'alien look' and decide to not raise my hand. I want to let others in on the secret, but if you're not connected you really won't understand. 

I want others to understand the power in connection, how easy it is to connect with others, how powerful it is to connect with others, that I wish we were more connected and not just during our once a month obligatory meeting. We only get together with the 'in real life' colleagues once a month or so. And when we do, it's usually a scripted conversation, following an agenda, making small talk, it's a very un-connected conversation. It can make me feel like I'm alone.

It would be such an extreme challenge to work as a Principal without Voxer. I couldn't imagine being where I am today without Twitter and all the amazing connections I've built.

Every awesome opportunity that happens to me in my professional life is because of my social media connections.

Even though I feel alone sometimes when I'm in large groups, I'm thankful for my behind the scenes connectedness, it's what keep me going, day

This continues to be my favorite Twitter Story video and can't believe it only has 12,000 views. Get connected, discover the possibilities, you'll feel more connected, I hope I feel less alone!

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