Friday, August 28, 2015

Principal Lesson #3 - Give Out Lots of High Fives #KidsDeserveIt

Leaders have so much responsibility. So much of the responsibility is behind the scenes with making sure everything is running smooth and where it needs to be.

Leaders should also have the high-five responsibility as well. High-fives help people to smile - to get motivated - to turn a negative morning at home into a positive day at school -  maybe it's just what a kid needs to know that someone cares about them!


Who loved the high-fives the most besides Rob? The kids, did you hear them hoot and holler.

It's simple.

1. Stand in front of your school during morning drop-off and first greet all the kids as they get out of their cars or walk onto campus.

2. Put your hand-up and give just one child a high-five with a motivating good morning or have a great day!

3. Other kids that are around you will smile and naturally gravitate towards you for the same interaction! An awesome high-five is like a magnet, people are pulled in with the energy!
(Please note - some students may be nervous at first, especially if this hasn't been the culture at your school. Once they see a few kids get after it, they ALL follow that lead)

4. Beware - parents love high-fives too and will get in on the action! This is one of my favorite parts of a high-five morning, put a smile on an adults face as well!

5. Don't be stingy with the high-fives, make this your morning routine! If you have an early meeting, try to find a teacher that will take your place, don't be the only one giving out high-fives!

Give. Out. Lots. Of. High. Fives.

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