Sunday, November 24, 2013

Learning - Teaching - School = Alan November "Setting the Tone" #cccoenov

Along with 50+ other educators, I had the opportunity to spend the day with Alan November @globalearner courtesy of CCCOE who has organized a three part series over the next six months. To be completely honest, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect from the day, just excited to meet Alan!

It was surprising at first, then refreshing that Alan did not have a 'presentation' prepared that was meticulously followed throughout the day. His ideas, along with audience conversation somewhat dictated where he/we went, what was discussed and his humor along the way kept it all light and relaxed.

It still amazes me there are educators out there who 'argue' and/or are confused about the integration of technology (aka- relevant learning practices) like...... WolframAlpha, Twitter, blogging, digital portfolios, Diigo, coding in school, and whatever else may just be relevant to today's learners.

My humble opinion is Principals MUST be the ones beating the drum and setting the tone on campus. A starter list of what administrators should do to get started now!

1. Make Twitter a natural part of your day as you visit classrooms and talk with kids. I've actually contemplated wearing a GoPro camera for one day to capture 'the life of a Principal' but I really think Twitter is a more efficient way to chronicle each day! Take photos of student work and summarize a relevant lesson/project to share with the community. Engage multiple classrooms by tagging teachers to start a conversation and connect their learning, this will only grow over time and become even more powerful.

2. Blog blog blog - I have read so many countless articles about blogging in school and the positiveness this has on student learning. KidBlog is the best elementary platform out there and an entire class can be set up in minutes. Also, Principals must have a school blog, please set the example!

3. Be mobile now! Get rid of the old Dell desktop in your office and mobilize with a laptop and/or tablet. Set the example for anywhere learning/teaching across your campus......set the tone!

4. Voice Voice Voice - Video is super powerful, but so is voice and it's much easier/faster to get started. Instead of publishing your weekly newsletter, record it on audioBoo and track the analytics, guaranteed more people will be engaged. Also guaranteed teachers will start podcasting also, you just set the tone!

5. "Connect your school locally and then globally!" - Alan November
This can be done is so many different ways. Twitter, Google Docs, digital portfolios, voice pals (ditch the pen and record student messages to share with other global classrooms)

Just some ideas rolling around after Friday, thank you again Alan (and for the follow!) and excited to learn again in 2014, safe travels!

Thanks again also for all the new Tweeps I 'met' on Friday!


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