Tuesday, October 22, 2013

True Power of Connecting #savmp #edcampmarin #northbaycue

The True Power of Connecting has been so evident for me lately and I wanted to blog/share! Taking over John Swett Elementary (@jseroadrunners - jseroadrunners.com) as Principal last year (where I was a student) has been such a rewarding experience in so many different aspects. Coming into a California Distinguished School and then moving the school forward seemed daunting and exciting all in one!

Last year was definitely a foundation building year with Educational Technology development, equipment acquisition and training for staff! We hit the ground running with 'Wired Wednesdays' for staff and really pushed the envelope across campus with Professional Development and injecting new ideas at any opening and showing the true power of Rigorous and Relevant learning!

Then, I attended @EdcampMarin #edcampmarin with @MrsRocheJSE and @CKolb01 for an amazing day of learning/connecting in Ross! We still talk about that day and the springboard that it launched in so many different aspects.

I met @mrsfadeji + @ecsaibel + @awesomecoachv + @kfostertweet and many more EduAwesomeAdmins that we continue to connect with on a daily basis.

During @EdcampMarin we learned about @NorthBayCUE and their upcoming event in Larkspur! I put this out to my staff and six teachers joined me for a great day of learning + sharing + collaborating that we still talk about today!

The connections made that day are still being felt and the learning that took place. @CAshleywilliams + @MrsFountain1 + @jenny_derby + @mbessonette and many more as well, love all your podcasting goodness on @audioboo it's so powerful and engaging for kids!

Keep up the learning, growing, sharing, blogging, tweeting and making it all exciting for kids!

Just an FYI about ALL our amazing John Swett teachers who are on Twitter and Tweeting......the ENTIRE STAFF, you can see their handles below!

TK -
Ms. Neely - @DNeely2590
Ms. Ficher - @MsFischerJSE

Kindergarten -
Ms. Hoy - @jsemisshoy
Ms. Wheeler - @s_wheeler1
Ms. Hull - @MissHullJSE

1st -
Mrs. Briscoe - @BriscoeJSE
Mrs. Djajaksuma - @MRSDJ_JSE
Ms. Williams - @MsKyWilliams

2nd -
Mrs. Lastrico - @mlastrico
Mrs. Alderman - @lilmissfish
Mrs. Gargaro - @AmieGargaro

3rd -
Mrs. Stephenson - @MStephensonJSE
Mrs. Navarro - @BNavarro_101

4th -
Mrs. DeWeerdt - @JenniferDeWeerd
Mrs. Wood - @Sarahwood712
Ms. Leonard - @MsLeonardJSE

5th -
Mrs. Roche - @MrsRocheJSE
Mrs. Kolb - @CKolb01

PE -
Mr. Crane - @jsepeguy

Music -
Mr. B - @tbonebusch

Learning Center -
Mrs. Lopez - @TeamJSE_LC

Principal -
Mr. Welcome - @jseroadrunners

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