Saturday, September 28, 2013

Session 3 - #nbcuemarin

Blogging has enhanced my classroom(s)/school in so many ways. Engaging families across the curriculum, opening doors that were formerly closed and motivating learning throughout the day.

- I blog for my staff!
- I blog for my students to have voice!
- I blog for college and career
- I blog for the Common Core and Arne Duncan
- I blog to learn from colleagues!

What else?


  1. This was a great session! I was so excited about blogging with my students, that my principal wants me to talk about it Wednesday the 9th at a staff meeting. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many notes and would love to get any more input as to why blogging is good for students and how teachers use it in their classrooms.

    Debby Dees

  2. Debby, what's your contact info and we can touch base!