Sunday, April 22, 2012

Preschool - Lots of Articles in the News

Preschool has changed.....the content, the price and now so has the admission process. My wife is always reading on her Lamorinda Mom Blog about the different options, curriculum standards, and some heated conversation about the local options.

The NY Times has had some good articles lately about preschool admission and most recently about some new requirements in order to apply. The 'learning how to play' curriculum is still in use, but it seems falling out of favor!

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  1. $30K?!?!?! Geesh! I am so happy to live in a town where we pay $170 a month for 3 mornings a week (4 1/2 hours each morning). The boy can play in the dirt and do other activities the other days. He has the sweetest preschool teacher. People who teach preschool should be paid way more though! Everything I've been reading says lots of behaviors are set in a child by age 5. Those teachers have the patience of saints! Would love to hear your thoughts :) Love reading your blog Adam!