Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Old Principal Use to Work More #savmp #naesp15 #teamkid

Quick post -

Yesterday afternoon during lunch recess I was making my usual rounds on the yard!

- checking in with some kids
- collecting all the balls that bounce over the fence
- chatting with our noon supervisors
- Tweeting about the CA weather
- sending a few Voxer messages to my PLN
- played wall ball with some 5th graders
- picked up some little pieces of trash (that's a whole different blog post and potentially a crusade, more to come)

And then a 5th grader who is new to John Swett this year approached me. I had already seen him at drop off this morning and I'd also already visited each class for my Friday Tweet-a-palooza! He tells me......

"You're a great Principal Mr. Welcome."

"Thank you, appreciate your comment."

"You're not like any Principal I've had before."

"What's different about me" I ask?

"Well, my old Principal use to work a lot more and you don't ever seem to be working that much, which is cool."

(Okay, so this comment has me thinking)

"What do you mean?"

"You're always in my classroom, like everyday. I always see you before and after school which is fun. You're always at recess and lunch also. I never saw my old Principal, so I guess he was pretty busy working in his office."

"Thanks 'Johnny' but I am working right now, I'm hanging out with you and all the other kids!"

I guess not all administrators are visible, they should be though, and not work so much!


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