Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We'll Make You Better #savmp #teamkid #naesp15

Everyone can improve. Everyone can get better. Everyone can innovate. The key question is - How do we make this happen for everyone?!

Just like a classroom full of kids that are at all different levels, same holds true for teachers and Principals. How do you make someone better when they're already at such a high level of innovation and success?

You've integrated Genius Hour, Workshop, Google Apps, social media, gardening, blogging and more into your classroom and school - what's next?

The entire clip below is fun to watch but it's really just the first fifteen seconds. Surrounding yourself with other individuals who are on top, have a growth mindset, want to get better, have leaders who evaluate and push you, that will make you better for kids.

On a daily basis my PLN is the go-to for me when it comes to ideas/feedback on what other Principals are doing in their schools and how those ideas may transfer to ours! It goes both ways also, when we share what we're doing or want to do, we're learning from teaching/explaining to others, such a great feeling. Surround yourself with greatness and it will make you better!

Kids deserve the best! Kids deserve all educators to try and be the best!

Team Kid

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