Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet our Social Media Interns #savmp

Meet our first ever Social Media Interns at John Swett Elementary! Sully and Callie have been on the job this past week and are absolutely running with their new positions!

- All Tweets sent by students through the @jseroadrunners account will be tagged #kidtweet 
- They have an iPad to take photos throughout the day and then meet with me to compose Tweets together!
- They're also taking photos for our @flickr account, see that archive here!
- We really wanted some 'sharing' from a student angle, how do they view John Swett Elementary!
- TONS of other kids have already approached me...."I want to be an intern Mr. Welcome!"
- This 'position' is new and will of course evolve over time, we're super excited at the possibilities and so are the kids!

- We must be the Social Media Stewards for our kids and show them the appropriate path to follow. Social Media is not going away, responsible use is the best conversation to have!
- There have been lots of recent articles about colleges checking out applicants Twitter and Facebook profiles when considering applications. You can read more here and here. 
- This is a quick post with an update coming next week, there are LOTS of reasons why this position is needed and warranted, more to come! 
- They even Tweet at the United Nations, read here!

Callie Tweeting away!

 Working together and learning the ropes! "How do I mention a teacher Mr. Welcome, I know everyone here at John Swett is on Twitter?" #greatquestion

Here they are, a few of their first Tweets!

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