Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Genius Hour #geniushour #savmp #teamkid

Genius Hour for Elementary kids is so much more than just #geniushour. I can't tell you how many of our students and parents have approached me before and after presentations with amazingly positive comments and enthusiasm. 

- it's amazing
- it's Common Core
- it's fun
- it's collaborative
- it gets kids moving around
- it allows teachers to see students in a different light
- it's NOT worksheets
- it makes kids super excited for school
- it allows kids to work on their presentation skills
- it allows kids to problem solve on so many different levels
- it allows kids to look at problems or ideas in a different way

Some Tweets below from our latest round of Genius Hour presentations in 5th grade last Friday, enjoy! 

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Session Board ready to roll, four presentation areas to choose from!

 Learning about Environmental Damage of the Earth From Pollution

 This session was packed, learning about Gum with free samples!

 OMG - Chicken Nuggets have lots of surprises in them, great presentation Lauren!

 Student turns to me during Chicken Nugget presentation and tells me this, amazing!

 Fabulous example of being creative during Genius Hour! Student using an iPhone, under a document camera to project Sign Language app, way cool!

 Missed the Siberian Tigers presentation but the student shared their Google Presentation with me!

 Amazing iMovie from two boys about Lou Gehrig, well done!

 Sessions happen outdoors as well, learning about Rabbit's!

Sign Language was popular!

 Twin tip ski's, way to go Sydney!

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