Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10,000 #savmp #teamkid

We just surpassed 10,000 Tweets for our @jseroadrunners school Twitter account! The impact of Twitter and social media at our 540 student elementary school has been so profound. 

Our entire teaching staff is on Twitter which has enhanced learning/collaboration exponentially, see their handles here!

What is 10,000 Tweets?

- 10,000 moments of sharing!
- Collaboration amongst our teaching staff!
- $70,000+ in Donors Choose grants, no way this would happen without Twitter!
- Learning beyond our school and connecting with other educators throughout the country!
- Giving families a sneak peek into their child's school day.
- Connecting families with Common Core implementation on a daily/hourly basis!
- We've taken control of telling our schools story!

What some parents have to say! 
It's amazing getting a glimpse into what my kids are learning in school!
- Continual positive reinforcement of teachers with student engagement!
- Pictures, pictures, pictures, love all the pictures!
- Love being able to see what's going on daily at school!
- We don't follow on Twitter but love that they're all embedded on the school website!
- I love seeing the collaboration and excitement for learning from the teachers, so refreshing!
- Connection to the school anytime during the day!
- 'Real-life' and 'real-time' photos of classroom activities make my day!

Our first Tweet in August of 2012, I'd been Principal at John Swett for eight days and wanted to see what would happen with Twitter!

4,000+ photos have been shared, providing visuals is so important!

10,000 and counting!

We have Social Media Interns as well, all Tweets from them are hash-tagged #kidtweet - We feel it's important to model for our students acceptable use and responsibility with Social Media!

A great book to help you get started is The Power of Branding from Corwin Press. Tony and Joe do a wonderful job of laying the foundation for Principals to get started, order their book for sure!

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