Friday, January 9, 2015

Recess #savmp

Recess has always been a great part of the day and I can remember my student teaching and playing kickback with the kids, they loved it. Was chatting on @voxer yesterday about recess/lunch duty and so many Principals have talked about how they enjoy being outside with their students during this time. 

This Tuesday was also interesting to see EdWeek with their #APrincipalsDay feature (Tweet collection here) and what Principals do throughout the day. Kids always ask me why I'm 'bundled' up so much, on the West Coast our campuses are outside and I do LOTS of walking around. This year I've started wearing my Garmin GPS watch and have clocked 3-5 miles a day on campus.

At recess we......

- connect with kids
- take care of small discipline issues before they become bigger issues
- LOVE being all-time quarterback, kids love it too
- all-time pitcher for kickball, kids are super picky with how they want it pitched (ie - baby bouncy, slow roller, twisty, medium bouncy) too funny!
- ladybug hunting - we have a group of 2nd graders who LOVE looking for ladybugs
- always picking up snack trash
- checking in with teachers

Playing foursquare! 

Hanging around....

Riding tricycles in Kindergarten!

 Creating cool spheres w/hula hoops!

 Kids loose it when I go on the slide, they love it!

Kickback is always popular, "Kick the ball Mr. Welcome, really high!"

 Our 5th graders always want a ref for basketball, have to keep the game clean.

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