Sunday, January 11, 2015

Culture + Spirit = Team Kid #savmp #teamkid

Three years ago during my first year as Principal @jseroadrunners we didn't really have any spirit days to speak of, and Friday's on occasion would be a 'wear your John Swett t-shirt' to school! I'm really not a fan of spirit assemblies, it takes away too much instructional time from the classroom and feel if anything it's suited for high school or middle school. 

A few of our students would wear cowboy boots on occasion, because they actually have horses and it was part of their life. I can remember the first time talking with some kids about their boots, and also telling them I had a really nice pair of boots that I picked up in Vail, Colorado a few years ago. (More on my boots later!)

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I enjoy doing things a little bit different. Why not have a Cowboy Boot Friday spirit day? So that's exactly what we started three years ago and it's SUPER popular now. Parents even get in the mix and of course I love Tweeting it all out for the entire community to see. 

Why is Cowboy Boot Friday relevant and fun?
- it's different than 'wear your school t-shirt'
- it builds culture and spirit which supports our energy for Team Kid!
- it builds creativity, check out Fern's boots below.

For all the Cowboy Friday awesome, check out our Flickr page here! And of course follow John Swett on Twitter! @jseroadrunners

Selfie w/ @AmieGargaro we totally matched our outfits and didn't even plan it!- 1st grade teacher

Love the red flowers!

 Selfie with Mrs. Manning who has TONS of horses on her property, super flashy red boots!
If you don't have any boots, you can always make some like Fern! 1st grade

 Ms. Wheeler - Kindergarten @s_wheeler1 - Rockin' her boots!

Awesome gold tips, way to go Tommy!

 Even student teacher @megandenny and John Swett alumni has the Cowboy spirit!

Clean with jeans tucked in!


This brings me back to the story of my boots which correlates so well with my January book. 'Ralph Tells a Story' is amazing for kids who think they have nothing to write about. Six years ago I was in Vail with my buddy to ski for the Thanksgiving break. We were walking around the village and happened to stroll into a boot shop. Needless to say, three hours later I walk out with a pair of $600 cowboy boots! There's more to the story but you get the point. As Ralph's teacher says, 'there are stories everywhere, just look around!' 

Culture + Spirit = Team Kid

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