Sunday, January 4, 2015

Digital Detox #savmp

My iPhone is ALWAYS with me during the day at school. It's the computer that runs my school and I've even blogged about it here.  There have been times during the day when my battery is gone and I have to leave it in my office, it feels really weird being on campus without it.

Our school is VERY connected which makes me extremely proud as the Principal. With that being said, my family comes first and I'm REALLY making an effort to balance my technology use at home. There have been some great articles (herehere and here) in Outside Magazine lately and I've really made it a personal goal to even detox my digital life on a regular basis.

A few ideas that have worked for me!
- Turning off email on my phone when I leave work each day.
- Leaving my phone at home when I go grocery shopping.
- Putting it in a drawer at home for a few hours.
- Turning it completely off for an entire day twice a month, this is the best!

We're very fortunate to have a family home in Lake Tahoe which we visit many times throughout the year. We just recently spent five days at the cabin over Winter Break and it was so refreshing to have no email and no Twitter. Even better, was that my wife's phone got stolen the day before we left and she had no phone either.

On the drive up she was really worried about not being connected with work, what if this and that happens and they need to get ahold of me. We had a great talk about our digital lives and today on the way home I asked her how it was. "It was the best feeling, we should do it more often!"

I'm reading a great book currently called dot Complicated by Randi Zuckerberg. She has great ideas, research and personal stories about simplifying our digital lives and living in the moment. I have another post coming about the book with ideas for Principals to use at their schools.

How are you balancing or detoxing your digital life?

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