Friday, January 31, 2014

So You Want to Be a Principal #savmp

My day yesterday......

- Alarm goes off
- Coffee
- Check Twitter feed(s)
- Check email
- Check Feedly feed
- Tweet Jens to confirm demo today
- Email teacher to confirm software has been downloaded for Jens demo
- Emailing with Sergio trying to plan #edcampmartinez


- Get dressed/breakfast

- Leave for work/school
- Stop at Safeway to pick-up supplies for donation basket - Crab Feed
- It's raining at school so I Tweet and Remind 101 that we'll be having indoor recess before school
- Computer/LCD set-up for MCT vision screening with Kindergarten students
- Check with my custodian about any leaks in classrooms
- Emails, office work, Tweeting, etc

- GHO with #teamnorthbay

- Students start to arrive

- Teacher finds me in front of school, BIG leak in her classroom, like a BIG leak

- 500 kids are at school, morning drop off complete!

- FrontRow Juno demo with Jens
- Vision screening - Problems with the laptop and DVD not playing, have to go and trouble shoot.
- Back to classroom with Jens, setting up the Juno!
- Reading 500 report cards so they can go home next Thursday with kids (this has been ongoing for last three days)

- Check on vision screening
- Jens is still setting up Juno demo
- I've answered about 15 emails, Tweeted 15 times, checked documents in Google Drive, updated our Flickr page.....all from my iPhone!
- Recess duty at two different times, primary and secondary.
- Checked with kitchen staff on breakfast and 4th/5th grade behavior (been having problems lately)
- Checked-in with gardeners on project in front of school
- My wife called to give me update on our kids (I have two, almost three and just turned one)
- Met with a family who wants to transfer to John Swett (15 minutes)

- Lunch duty - I rotate between outside recess and inside lunch in the cafeteria
- Send a few emails/Tweets while I'm outside
- Drop by our after school care (Woodbridge) to check on a few Kindergarten students
- Get called to front office to deal with a 'situation' - 35 minutes

- Vision screening is done
- Drop in my office (only third time all day I've been in my office)
- Answer few emails
- Record a podcast of our 'Students of the Month'
- Sign some paperwork for Office Manager

145 - 215pm
- I work with some 5th graders three days a week in the afternoon

- Debrief with teacher on observation earlier in the week

- Check-in with two students who have NOT been bringing their homework in

- Bell rings - I have crosswalk duty in front of school to help with traffic flow

- Common Core meeting at district office
- Talk with Student Services Director about SBAC planning
- Answering emails during meeting

- Pick-up pizza for dinner

- Walk in the door, SO excited to see my family!

Note -
There was probably about 35 other things I did yesterday that I just can't remember, this is a snapshot!

As you were!

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