Saturday, January 18, 2014

Find Somewhere to Visit

Alan November is holding a three day conference through the Contra Costa County Office of Education that I'm attending and he spoke a ton during the first session about helping educators see the light if you will with integrating technology into their classrooms. Many different educators in the room shared their insights, ideas and some opposition to technology in classrooms.

I've reflected a ton since that first session in November and have also purchased and read Alan's book where he goes into deeper explanation with ideas for integration. During the first session I also commented to the entire group, giving my input as a former elementary teacher, Assistant Principal and now Principal.

Visiting model schools/classrooms is the quickest way to move a staff/Principal in the right direction, in my opinion. Seeing a school/classroom that is working and seamlessly integrating (not substituting) devices across the curriculum can be game changing. I also see way too many schools just buying the devices without having the foundational knowledge to leverage the learning.

Find a school, go visit, ask questions, get inspired and #makeithappen!

The document below was created by a 5th grade student at my school using Google Docs. Students had to create a fraction poster with paper or via their Google Drive, 27/30 decided to use Google!

Students are also constantly sharing their work with me on Google and I'm able to comment and also share their work with a much bigger audience, talk about being connected to my students and giving instant feedback!

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  1. Hi Adam,
    I have always loved visiting classrooms and schools to learn about amazing practices. I am so looking forward to visiting your school this week!