Saturday, January 25, 2014

Connection/Inspiration Central #wiredprincipal This Week #savmp

So much of life is about connecting with others and being inspired by what you see/hear/do/experience. I can remember my first time being outside of the US, my entire thought process on life changed in an instant. Hearing different languages, meeting new people, food, culture, all completely blew the lid off what I was used to and felt was normal!

Twitter has been the 'blew the lid off' of educational connections for me in the past two years. Meeting/connecting with educators across the country has opened my mind and school in amazing ways.

Here's an example from this past week alone......

- This past week (four days with the holiday) we tweeted 57 times from our school account @jseroadrunners check out our teachers for all their sharing as well!

- @jkloczko and @ucdjoe came to John Swett for a visit this past Wednesday. We had GREAT conversation while visiting classrooms and are humbled by both their blog posts about their visit! (see below)
Jennifer's blog post
Joe blog post

- @Karkenkam who is a Principal in Utah Tweeted me a few weeks ago about getting his staff on Twitter, he'd heard about John Swett through @ecsaibel We finally hooked up on the phone this week and talked for about an hour. Twitter, blogging, being wired/inspired/brave when people around you are NOT. Great to connect with someone across state lines!

- Recorded a This Week With Sully, listen here!

- @edwebnet hosts some really great Webinars (I presented one on @audioBoo earlier in the year!) and @NMHS_Principal hosted one this week about school culture, branding and tech in schools that I hopped in on for a while. So great to see educators from around the US/World getting together to learn.

- @svcue announced their session offerings for the upcoming CUE event March 8th. Check them out and sign-up! My #edufabulous 5th grade team @MrsRocheJSE + @CKolb01 + @JenniferDeWeerd will be presenting on what a 1:1 laptop environment looks like #forreal in 5th grade.

I'll be co-presenting with @CAshleywilliams on using voice/podcasting in education with @AudiobooAmerica

And I'll also be presenting a 105 minute hands-on session for Administrators - "How to Run Your School From Your iPhone!"

Sign-up here!

@MsKyWilliams one of my #edurocking 1st grade teachers and myself hosted a #twitterparty for another elementary school in our district! @ljebullpups We signed up over ten teachers to Twitter and helped them get connected!

There you go, this week with Mr. Welcome!

Check out our Flickr page.....

Next blog post will be talking about this article in Venture Beat, education needs to have more of a business mentality, in my opinion! #standby #teamkid

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