Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blogging Challenge Post

I've enjoyed reading MANY of these posts from my Twitter and Feedly feed, hope you enjoy!

Eleven random facts about me....

1. My nickname as a kid was Mr. Excitement!
2. My name is Adam Welcome but Welcome is my married name, my wife and I decided to take her name when we got married, Repicky is my maiden name.
3. For my 30th birthday I hiked solo from Geneva, Switzerland to Nice, France through the Alps, AMAZING trip, 500 kilometers.
4. I met my wife at a half-marathon in the Marin Headlands, she was standing in front of a heater before the race because it was 30 degrees, we got married 100 days later and she beat me in that first race.
5. I became an Assistant Principal at age 29.
6. My dad taught 2nd and 3rd grade in Richmond for 38 years, have great memories of his classroom and connecting with kids, a huge reason I got in to education.
7. My wife and I are still big runners and I've pushed my kids in the running jogger for five half-marathons so far, love having the entire family together.
8. My entire staff is on Twitter! @jseroadrunners
9. I was a student at the school where I'm now principal, small world.
10. I don't eat meat.
11. My dad cried when I was born, he was so happy my older brother would have a sibling to grow up with.

I'm taking the questions from Sergio!

1. Best moment of 2013?
My son being born, we love you Tilden!

2. Michael Jackson or Madonna? Why?
Madonna, my mom used to always play her music when I was a kid.

3. Why did you get into education, what keeps me here?
The educational influence of my dad and I love working with kids, so much fun.

4. What is something you have done/accomplished that I'm proud of?
My two children, raising them is lots of fun and I LOVE teaching them about our planet.

5. If I were not in education, what would I be doing instead.
An Officer in the United States Marine Corps, we can talk about this in person for more details.

6. Best 'moment' in your career as an educator?
The first day of my first year teaching, so excited to meet my class, they're in college now, 5th graders grow up fast!

7. Best gift you ever gave someone?
Donating to World Bicycle Relief on a yearly basis, helping kids in Africa get to school!

8. Share something weird/charming about your family.
My mom married my step-dad in Roquebrune, France....I walked to the wedding after my 500 kilometer hike through the Alps!

9. What is your best personal quality/gift/strength?
I have a GREAT memory for names, I know ALL 498 students in my school, and most of their parents as well!

10. #bestdayever
March 20th, April 10th and January 11th, my wedding day and when my kids were born!

11. What are you most excited for in 2014?
Connecting with other Principals and Teachers, #makingithappen on #teamkid!

I leave with a quote I read......

"Just because it's never been done, doesn't mean it can't be done."

Not sure where I heard that statement, it's probably been repeated by numerous people in different ways.

The other day on a long run, I was thinking.....

"Just because it's always been done, doesn't mean we need to continue."

Make it happen for kids, be brave, go out on a limb, even if people look at you crazy!


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