Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Saw Common Core in Action Yesterday! #savmp

Common Core Common Core Common's what we talk about at every staff meeting, every district office meeting, principal meeting and throughout the day. As I blogged about yesterday, our staff is totally pushing the envelope and rocking with technology and moving their classrooms forward!

Yesterday about mid-morning I saw yet another example of this in action. @MrsRocheJSE class went to @tbonebusch class for Music and brought their laptops (they're 1:1) with them. Mr. B was going to work on Tongue Twisters in music and had the students collaborating with him on a Google Doc (we're a Google Apps district as well!) they could all work on together.

The kids are always engaged during music.....hands down.....but yesterday absolutely blew my mind with how focused they were and the level of multi-tasking and Common Core that was going on. The teacher was using his SMART Board to project the Google Doc and the kids were collaborating and brainstorming in real-time with him. Obviously the power of Google Docs allows the students to continue their work back in class or at home. The teacher then recorded the students (increased fluency) with their Tongue Twisters (archived assessment) and can build upon those next time.

I have a principal coach that meets with me twice a month and Robert was actually with me yesterday during this class. I turned to him and said....."This is so fun and so Common Core!" There was a big smile across his face and he was nodding incessantly! 

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