Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Team Kid #savmp

This mornings post began about PD and the Week 8 assignment.......then I began multi-tasking with my Twitter feed, the NY Times (government shutdown), school email, Audioboo, Feedly and other principal related duties that never sleep and everything shifted course.

I then checked the Patagonia Tumblr page for all their outdoor goodness and had a slight epiphany.

Is/was life easier before all this cool technology, ways to communicate, being available 24 hours a day, the nonstop emails, paperwork that doesn't go away or go anywhere, incessant questions about traffic and parking and other non-educational related topics?

I then go back to our motto at John Swett Elementary....... 'Team Kid!' This is our focus, this must be our focus, this is where our energy needs to go, to the kids.

What are you doing for Team Kid at your school? Wish the U.S. and California Department of Education would adopt this slogan, the kids would all be better off and more adequately funded.

This banner is from last year and we're in the process of updating with our new slogan for the year. 'Make It Happen on Team Kid....coming soon!

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