Thursday, November 14, 2013

We took 'connecting' to a whole new level yesterday! #savmp

Long story short, I met @mrsfadeji last summer at @EdcampMarin we connected in person and through Twitter. We both have had 'Twitter gatherings' with our teachers on site, but thought it would be fun to bring our teachers together through a GHO (Google Hang Out) 

Our ENTIRE staff at JSE is on Twitter which is SO exciting for me as the Principal. Amy told me she was going to GHO with her entire staff, so I invited mine and we had twelve teachers in my office (and one at her home connected through GHO) and had such a fun + engaging + learning + motivating conversation with the staff of Penngrove Elementary! What we shared and learned.....

- Genius hour was discussed and some Ts have already hooked up to talk about next steps and more collaboration! 
- Tweet of the day or Tweeter of the Day - Have a student craft a tweet to share!
- Open House all year long, share the great activities going on in class!
- Lots of PD ideas, learn learn learn.
- What did I miss?

John Swett and Penngrove collaboration!

A few Tweets to share from yesterday!

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  1. It was so great to hear how your staff is using Twitter. Thank you for meeting us!

    K teacher