Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time Management #savmp

Time Management is huge for a site administrator, here's my list in no particular order!
  • Make your phone your computer during the day, must be mobile.
  • Utilize Evernote for as much as you can, makes you more mobile.
  • Be visible everywhere and as much as you can. You'll save time with discipline issues, answering teacher questions and interacting with students.
  • Build a great relationship with your Office Manager and then trust them 100%! Put them in charge of all Purchase Orders, your schedule, etc. 
  • If it's not something from district or have a deadline, and it's not linked to student engagement or pushing your school can wait. Focus on what directly impacts the kids/teachers in the classroom, that's where a school makes their money!
  • Get to school early and before anyone else arrives. Walk your campus first and then take care of all the 'office' stuff that needs attention, then you can be visible during the day and more mobile without being 'stuck' in your office.
  • Keep your desk clear of clutter/paper, if it's not in front of you it's not super important.
  • Have fun, we work with kids!

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