Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Valuable Lesson From jetBlue

I've flown quite a bit this summer and have had some great airline experiences. Across the Atlantic on Air France, and back over to California on KLM. Really great flights and I Tweeted both airlines with compliments.

Just yesterday I flew Long Beach to Oakland - funny thing is the flights down didn't work with my schedule as Long Beach is pretty small. So I flew Southwest one-way down, and jetBlue one way back up. Southwest is great, I've flown them a ton over the years. Friendly, on time, great value and I know a few of their pilots personally.

I have to say though, jetBlue was absolutely awesome yesterday, absolutely. It wasn't just the flight, it's totally obvious that everyone at jetBlue is a team. For some reason when I printed my boarding pass I didn't have a seat assignment. I totally didn't realize and they called me over the loudspeaker asking me to the gate. The attendant was so apologetic and handed it to me - wow, that was nice.

They also made an announcement that our plane was getting a new tire.

"If you look out the window right now you can see our ground maintenance crew changing it out. We're sorry but we can't have passengers load while our team is changing the tire, sorry for the inconvenience."

Love how they used the word team - wow again!

I'm getting ready to board, hand the attendant my pass and he uses my last name!

"Have a great flight Mr. Welcome!"

I can't remember the last time that's ever happened, if it ever has. #classy

Boarding was a snap, we get airborne, everyone on the plane is friendly. And then I realize because the Captain reminds us, they have FREE wi-fi on the plane. Sweet, because I had a blog post I was trying finish earlier in the day.

Wi-fi loads in a snap, I'm blogging and then decide to Tweet @JetBlue and they favorite my Tweet while we're flying - what!

Super smooth flight, we're at the gate in no time. I take my phone off airplane mode and send the Tweet below.

And @JetBlue responds with this!

It wasn't just the social media interaction that I enjoyed, it was seeing so many different members of the jetBlue team working together. We can all (especially schools and districts) take a lesson from jetBlue

When you work together as a team, a team that's in sync, with the same mission - you provide amazing service which makes people feel appreciated and wanting to come back again. I know I'll be flying them again soon - come March I'm headed east!

Thank you for a wonderful experience jetBlue - many kudos!

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