Thursday, October 9, 2014

Voxer #savmp

If you're on Twitter, I'm sure you've heard of Voxer. If you've heard of Voxer, are you Voxing with anyone? If you don't know what Voxer is, I so highly recommend you download the free app and find some job-a-like colleagues to Vox with!

- Voxer is a lifeline, especially if you're an Administrator and all by yourself at a school site. Reach out to other Principals, even from around the country.

- Set up a focus group to share ideas about a certain topic. A group we started discusses implementation ideas for a service many educators are using to communicate with families. There's Principals, consultants, teachers, and even the CEO of the company on the chat! #wow

- You don't really need anyone's phone number, just send them a direct Vox and you're talking!

- I'm currently working on getting my Elementary Principal colleagues up and running. The phone in my office is useless, since I'm never in my office, but my iPhone stays with me all day.

- My wife works in Emergency Medicine and I'm trying to get the colleagues in her medical group all signed up. They rarely see each other but could still be connected through voice to help support each other when needed.

- I've shared my Voxer username with my entire school community, just another way to connect with families and communicate with parents during the day!

- Book clubs/groups are great, but it's hard to find meeting times that work with everyone's schedule. Throw out a title, read when you can, comment/reply when you can and have fun with your book group!

Warnings -
I'd recommend setting some type of ground rules potentially for your different groups?
- No messages over two minutes
- If your group is nation wide please consider the West Coast when leaving early messages
- I believe if you're in the group you need to participate on some level
- There is a text feature with Voxer, but it's REALLY a voice app, less text and more talk

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