Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Would Miss the Kids? #savmp

I've heard this from many teachers over the years when I've had the....'You should think about Administration conversation.' Once you become a Principal you can still teach, I do it all the time!

Yesterday I started teaching a 5th grade math group on Wednesday afternoon and it was the best thirty minutes of my week. Working with ten 5th graders on the exact same concepts I would struggle with when I was ten, gave me a huge sense of gratification. Seeing the lightbulb go off, especially after some pretty challenging word problems was awesome! 

The ten kids in my group came into the room somewhat quiet and solemn. They honestly left super upbeat and chatty, I think they enjoyed their math time with Mr. Welcome!

Little did I know that @mlastrico was cruising by. When your entire staff Tweets, they sometimes catch you and of course share with everyone, thanks Marisa! #teamkid 

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