Friday, October 3, 2014

Along For A Ride - Part II #savmp

Wanted to share a quick update from my 'Along For A Ride' post last week.

My initial intention for riding the morning bus route was to connect with our students and families in a new way. An unintended bonus that came of my ride was a drastic change in one of our students morning schedule.

After seeing the morning route in it's entirety, talking to the parent (through a translator no less) the bus driver and a few other people involved, we were able to make a ninety minute ride in the morning, turn into TEN minutes for one student! Thanks to everyone involved for the great collaboration and problem solving to make this happen!

Visibility is the number one priority for a Principal, even on the bus. Get out there, get involved, get dirty and you'll see things differently and have opportunity to make great changes/impact for kids!


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