Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making That Connection #teamkid

There's no secret I'm a HUGE proponent of using voice in education, especially with my favorite tool,! Whenever we record a podcast I always tell the student I'm going to 'make them famous!'

Lately at John Swett we've had these two 3rd graders caroling around campus, it's totally awesome. They carry their sheet music with them and will seriously sing to ANYONE they see throughout the day. Last week they appeared in the front office during recess and I happened to be in my office so I popped out.

They started to sing and I told them to STOP. Then I asked them......"Can I make you famous?" They seriously looked at each other with so much excitement and said, "Okay Mr. Welcome!"

Because audioBoo is on the cloud and I'm a #wiredprincipal my iPhone is my recording device of choice. I pulled out my iPhone, tapped the audioBoo app and started to record, listen of this blog post they have almost 700 plays on their recording!

This wasn't the end of it......a few days later I was talking with one of our teachers and the boys caroling came into the conversation. The teacher was commenting on how POWERFUL this had been for the boys and they'd already seen a change in these two students with behavior, attitude and overall presence in school. "Voice in education really works Adam, this is so awesome!"

I rest my case, #voiceineducation!

Make It Happen! Team Kid!

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