Saturday, December 14, 2013

Directory vs Twitter - #wiredprincipal #savmp

I woke up at 3am this morning with MANY different thoughts in my brain........

A few weeks ago @HKorbey and I connected on Twitter about music in education and a recent study from Finland which you can read here.  We connected and then spoke on the phone about our music program @jseroadrunners and how we have a credentialed music teacher @tbonebusch who does AMAZING work with our kids. You can read the KQED Mind/Shift article here...... thanks again for connecting Holly and the article, very exciting!

The 3am moment was this, NONE of this would have happened (not just the music article) if we only had the paper based school directory that the county provides for each Principal. You know what I'm talking about Principal's......the nicely bound directory that lists each school in the county, phone number, Principal's name, etc.

@HKorbey and I wouldn't have connected, @jkloczko contacted me last night to come visit JSE, ALL the Principals, teachers, Directors, educational learners across the world would not be connected if we only relied on the directory. Maybe the 2014-15 directory can have Principal Twitter handles included? #goodidea

Twitter my friends, Twitter........if by some chance you are not on Twitter, you are missing out big time! If you have colleagues that are not on Twitter, make that a goal for the new year, get them connected. Sit them down and set up an account with them, they will thank you in six months.

- it makes us better educators
- it makes us constant learners/students
- it broadens our scope
- it opens our eyes.
- it allows for great things to happen
- it pushes our thinking

Thank you to all my Tweeps, love learning from you!


Mr. Buschiazzo with some 5th graders integrating 1:1 laptops into his class!

More of the same!

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