Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Tube EDU - Site I Use

The plethora of content that You Tube EDU has to offer continues to keep me busy throughout the week. You Tube EDU is a Site I Use in many different facets of my professional life. They have hundreds of channels to choose from and a few of my favorite are linked below.

My Favorite Channels:

- Khan Academy : If you don't know about Khan Academy, you need to! They have tens of thousands of FREE academic videos that can used in the classroom, at home or the boardroom....check them out.

- Stanford University : Stanford offers over thirteen-hundred videos for FREE. From lectures to concerts, they're a great extra curricular activity for your school, or you can even show them during lunch to help pass the time.

- MIT : Lectures, lectures and more lectures! MIT has a channel that is packed with great content suited for middle or high school age students. Their channel has over 3 million views and they're always adding new content.

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  1. Thanks, Adam. I'm adding this to my list of great resources. It's going be a great place to go for the latest and greatest of EduTech information.