Sunday, July 31, 2011

'Bing' - Search Engine That Isn't My Favorite

Okay, a few thoughts for this post today.....

There was an article in the NY Times Technology section about Microsoft, and how they're spending $5 billion a year to market/enhance/whatever their search engine Bing. You can read the article here, and they're obviously attempting to take on Google. Bing is a Search Engine That Isn't My Favorite, I am of course a user of Google!

Secondly, I understand the cost of promoting users and development, but $5 billion a year. Wow!

Here's a short quote/excerpt from Qi Lu, president of Microsoft's online division.

“Search is still essentially a Web site finder.” Mr. Lu says. “It’s all nouns. But the future of search is verbs — computationally discerning user intent to give them the knowledge to complete tasks.”

The phrase that Microsoft uses is “decision engine,” as opposed to search engine.

We'll keep track of Bing and their developments, what search engine do you use/prefer?

Here's a nice interactive visual to show the differences between Google and Bing.

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