Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let's Get Pumped Up

Kids start next week (some districts they've already started), aren't you excited, I can't wait for them to arrive in our schools - let's get pumped up!

Maybe it's a video, check out three below!

Micheal Phelps pumps me up!

Kids look up to you, don't loose the love and get pumped up for them!

FLOTUS and Missy - who wants to sing!

Maybe it's a #KidsDeserveIt Canva, see a few below!

When I was a teacher I'd always watch Dead Poets Society the night before each school year. It reminded why I became a teacher, why I build those strong connections with kids and why I care about education so much!

I just want back through old photos I have with former students and letters they've written to me over the years. Remembering those kids, wondering where they are now and looking forward to building new relationships gets me excited to do this work.

What gets you pumped up for the school year? Share out on social media using the #KidsDeserveIt hashtag - and be awesome for kids!

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