Saturday, August 6, 2016

Here's What I Would Do

Just because something has been handed to you a certain way - just because someone may not believe in you or your idea - just because you don't have enough money - just because the majority of kids at your school don't speak english - just because you have some teachers who 'think' it should be done a different way - just because everyone has always told you no, you're not good enough and you can't - just because you've dealt with rejection and failure  - just because your leader doesn't get it and maybe they never will - all that means, is you need to fight even harder and don't go down!

What would I do? 

Keep fighting. Don't listen to those people that say you can't. The people that are saying you can't probably want to but they're just scared to get out of their comfort zone. I've always been a firm believer in talking about your struggles, tell others what you're going through - you may just find some help.

Last year I was at an EdCamp and in a session with about thirty other educators. I can't exactly remember what the session was about, but our conversation turned to social media, access in schools and certain things being blocked. A teacher in the session was telling the group how Twitter was blocked in her school, she really wanted to use it as a resource for her learning, showing kids examples of how to be digital citizens, etc. 

"My Principal just says we can't unblock it."

I ask her what district she works in and wouldn't you know I'm connected with one of their Assistant Superintendents, and what she was saying just didn't add up. They're the kind of Assistant Superintendent that understands social media, understands relevant learning - can get stuff done! So why would everything be blocked?

It just so happens that I have their cell phone number as well, and dial them up right in the middle of the EdCamp session. They answer with - 

"What's up Adam, what's going on!"

I'm tell them the teachers story, ask a few questions and the truth comes out. The Principal has been giving mis-information. All those things the teacher wants to do can totally happen, the Principal just needs to give the thumbs up. On Monday morning they're going to make some phone calls and make some changes, the teacher in the EdCamp session is about to cry.

This is why we should tell others our stories, our struggles, our ideas, share our passions. You never know who is listening, who can help, who can pick up the phone and make things happen - that's just what I would do.

Our time with kids is too precious to have wasted potential, wasted opportunity, wasted moments. You are the solution, get rid of the problem and be part of the solution.

Nothing is ever perfect, there's always going to be some issues - start being part of the solution.

Refuse to go down - you got this.

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