Monday, March 21, 2016

Some Teachers You Should Follow

Looking at my Twitter there aren't many teachers that I follow. I tend to only really follow Principals so I wanted to highlight a few that I do follow and why you should too!

I have to kick this post off with the Gridley Girls. There's a crew of teachers at Wilson Elementary in Gridley, CA that I got to know a few years ago when they came to visit my school. The energy, excitement and love for teaching and learning is so profound!

Whitney Hardcastle (@edulebrity) and Carrie Wilson (@itsmyschool) are totally partners in crime and both teacher 2nd grade. They code with kids, have integrated Google Classroom, green screen action, QR codes, flexible seating options and workstations and of course a Makerspace as well!

Laurie York (@MsYorksClass) is a 4th grade teacher and a major driving force behind the North State CUE affiliate and the president. She codes, has Sphero's, Dash, Osobots, makerspace in her classroom and so much more. Laurie also does all her sub plans in Google Classroom and provides students live feedback even when she is gone!

A few more of the Gridley Girls at CUE last week!

Nick Zefeldt (@nzefeldt) is currently a Teacher on Special Assignment in SRVUSD and such an #eduawesome educator.  Nick runs a 3D printing class, is Google Certified, codes with kids and teachers, is absolutely amazing with supporting teachers and their migration to digital education - follow Nick for sure!

Sarah Landis (@SARAHLANDIS) is extraordinary in so many ways! She's a Writers/Readers Workshop coach, co-founder of #HyperDocs, literary and book genius and such such such a great person. Connect with Sarah who currently works in Pleasanton Unified School District!

 Karly Moura is someone who I've actually never met in person, but have heard SO much about! She's a Teacher on Special Assignment in Mt. Diablo Unified and so connected with so many people. She moderates the #MDUSDchat, attends and presents at conferences all the time and I'm pumped to meet her in person very soon! Karly is a must follow for sure!

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